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Creative Programs Croatia

As one of the leading DMC agencies in Croatia, Helle Travel Agency is proud to reveal to you a small glimpse of creative programs we have prepared with special care and dedication in order to complement your traveling itinerary, either for incentive, group or individual travel.

Our creative programs consist of various workshops you can choose from according to your personal interests and are primarily meant to inspire, intrigue and delight.

Some of Our Creative Programs in Croatia

Taking advantage of Croatia's rich cultural legacy and our proficient experience in organizing any type of travel or event, we offer an exciting combination of ethnic enrichment and blissful escape into unique experiences. Over the years we have cultivated exclusive artistic relationships which are now presented in a variety of different workshops that make a discernible difference when it comes to experiencing your traveling destination. Apart from being amazed by a superb kaleidoscope of landscapes, now you can also find unrestrained inspiration by actively participating in our creative programs. As a part of our eclectic workshops, we provide you an exclusive access to the world of talented local painters and sculptors where you can get familiar with artistic traditions and techniques in Croatia as well as some of the major influences behind their masterpieces. Besides mere visual contemplation, encourage yourself to disclose images of your inner self through intuitive painting, immerse yourself in a world of art that will provoke you and unravel your own creativity while meeting a selected number of artists and curators.

Creative Workshops to Ignite Your Creative Spark

For those who are more interested in the world of sports, we have prepared a special workshop where you can familiarize yourself with the world of sport in Croatia, meet renowned athletes and participate in humanitarian sports tournaments and events.

Supporting sustainable ecological tourism has always been important to us, which is why Helle Travels team has also prepared various ecological workshops whose aim is to raise awareness of the importance of preserving the eco-system as well as suggesting interesting ways to do so. Have fun by planting autochthonous trees, discover an explosion of colors and scents in some of the most beautiful Mediterranean gardens on the Adriatic coast and learn about lavender and olive harvesting. Another excellent addition to your traveling experience is our photography workshop which is intended for all those photography enthusiasts who wish to explore Croatia in a unique manner. Enjoy exquisite exhibitions that through a collection of unique and remarkable archival imagery reveal a retrospective outlook on the development of some of the most beautiful cities in Dalmatia.

Yet another workshop that celebrates art in its most authentic form is the so-called Art Walk that provides an exclusive opportunity to divulge the world of numerous hidden galleries and vernissages in Croatia unavailable to the general public. Enjoy this superb tour guided by our expert art historians and lecturers who will bring to life the art forms of less mainstream artists. Since Croatia is also well known for its tantalizing wine brands, we have organized a wine-focused workshop where you can immerse yourself in the world of enology, meet some of the most successful wine makers in Dalmatia and indulge in wine tasting events in spectacular settings. The kind of program that ultimately relates to all of the activities aforementioned is our psychological workshop. Ideal for team building or incentive travel, the psychological workshop strives to raise one's consciousness and encourage the practice of personal development through work ethics and capital investment. This kind of approach allows your spouses and colleagues to share and celebrate your successes as well as understand better the sheer problems that occur within your line of work which has proven to be the single best motivational tool and a technique to form stronger and mutually beneficial relationships. Always keeping our clients' best interests in mind, our unique consultative approach allows us to help you choose among a variety of special interest activities offered by our workshops while all you have to do is to enjoy our dynamic and vibrant creative program that will provide a full sensory experience of your destination and leave an imminent mark of authenticity on your journey.