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Croatian Gastronomy

An imminent part of every type of luxury travel is most certainly a destination's cuisine. The very essentials of cultural and historical elements are reflected in the divine aromas and alluring fragrances of country’s gastronomy.

Learning about local cooking traditions, experiencing the passion invested in food making, tasting autochthonous ingredients that experienced cooks turn into genuine culinary master pieces are luxurious commodities that define the very experience of traveling.

Experience Croatian Gastronomy from Croatia’s Best Chefs

Croatia enjoys the privilege of having one of the greatest gastronomies in the world. It offers a diverse culinary experience with a variety of natural and savory dishes. Croatian cuisine is based on locally and ecologically produced ingredients which is why it is difficult to capture its authentic flavor elsewhere. Croatian Chefs are the most important ingredient in presenting croatian gastronomy and croatian food to the touristsThat is why Helle Travel Agency has prepared exclusive culinary programs and ideas based on the gastronomic diversity of Croatia in order to showcase the very best of your intended destination. Croatian gastronomy offers a blend of various regional recipes, from spicy inland specialties to Dalmatia’s Mediterranean based cuisine. Mediterranean gastronomy is said to be one of the healthiest in the world, closely related to people’s well-being and vigor. The fact that 87out of one hundred healthiest food ingredients are produced on Croatian soil and are therefore an intrinsic part of Croatian cuisine indicates an array of unique gastronomic experiences. As we gain more insights into the nutritive value of naturally cultivated vegetables and raw food, there is also a higher demand for the type of gourmet creations based on ingredients that maintain their aroma and preserve a distinct fragrance. This is why coastal Croatian gastronomy offers an ideal balance of Mediterranean cuisine and authentic Croatian recipes. On the other hand, continental Croatian cuisine revolves around Turkish and Austrian culinary influences as opposed to the gentle overtones of Mediterranean cuisine prevalent along the Adriatic coast and Dalmatia’s islands. However, irrespective of the region, venues carefully selected by Helle Travels team only further emphasize our clients’ foray into Croatian cuisine. The personalized experience of private dining in exceptionally beautiful Mediterranean gardens, antique taverns, gulets, sumptuous villas unavailable to general public or exclusive restaurants encased by awe-inspiring scenery creates a unique ambiance and ensures an unforgettable experience of your destination. Enjoy delectable and emblematic dishes prepared by some of Croatia’s most prominent chefs, savor decadent desserts and taste traditional delicacies of each region. Uncover the fascinating secrets of authentic Croatian recipes, discover Croatia through its local markets, choose the best raw ingredients and assist the chef in preparing your dishes. As all our packages, the culinary program is also tailor-made, adapted specifically to each client and subjected to the highest service standards possible. That is why Helle Travel Agency hand-picks only the most respectable and acclaimed chefs who have cooked for former presidents and other important personas. Their expertise coupled with the imagination of Helle Travels team is bound to turn any personal or corporate event into a true gourmet fantasy or simply make your holiday an experience to remember.

Wine Tasting in Croatia

Naturally, as all types of Mediterranean cuisines, even Croatia’s gastronomy would be inconceivable without the art of wine consumption. Explore with us the local vineyards, meet some of Croatia’s most renowned wine makers, engage in private wine tasting sessions, relish the authentic settings of lush wineries and enjoy in an exquisite taste of autochthonous grape varieties.

With a vast and colorful palette of fresh ingredients at disposal, creative cooks and experts of culinary art are constantly enriching the traditional foundations of Croatian cuisine and creating a distinguished culture of sublime flavors.

Emerge yourself in the world of inviting and scrumptious culinary inspirations that will tantalize your taste buds and complement the overall experience of traveling in the most unexpected ways. Allow intense aromas and flavors of Mediterranean gastronomy to fuse with your perception of Croatia, let delicate tastes of numerous culinary delights take you on a gourmet adventure that will awaken and please all your senses and ultimately leave long-lasting memories.