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Experience of Mediterranean cuisine on a cruise along the Adriatic coast

When was the last time you felt well-rested, inspired and de-stressed? Nowadays modern society has put numerous obstacles on our path towards reaching a vital and harmonious life.

The reason why most people take advantage of their time off; to enjoy their holiday at a leisure pace, to unwind with some quality time to themselves, to experience something new and to grasp the opportunity for hedonistic delight along with enrichment and personal growth. Helle Travel Agency, highly-acclaimed for their luxury cruises and hand-crafted traveling adventures, has come up with an idea of how to implement all these exciting aspects into a single traveling experience.

Mediterranean cuisine cruise adventure in Croatia

Intuitive of our clients’ needs and requirements, we offer an exclusive opportunity to spend your vacation by emerging in a world of splendid scenery combined with a special wellness program based on a holistic approach. The multi-layered holiday experience we have prepared for you is an ultimate utopia for your mind, body and spirit.
It incorporates several different traveling facets, fused into a unique holiday package that allows you to sample a taste of Mediterranean culture and history along with developing your own personal holistic authentic program.

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This luxury cruise is an ideal way of exploring the mesmerizing Adriatic coast, dotted with Dalmatia’s ancient cities of exceptional beauty and outstanding historical heritage. Cruising represents a perfect balance of reaching otherwise unattainable destinations and enjoying private, niche tours of the places suited to your interests. Our luxurious ships provide the utmost comfort and privacy and can accommodate up to 25 people. Equipped with all the possible amenities and sumptuous décor, these boats offer the very best of a cruising experience. In addition to scenic landscapes, our program also encompasses a diversified range of entertainment activities including fitness, massages as well as numerous soothing workshops for releasing tension, you can also engage in special educational workshops on physical functioning that will reveal to you some of the most effective ways of dealing with stress. In order to complement our team has created an enticing variety of exquisite culinary options based on of Mediterranean cuisine recipes. Such dishes Cruising on a raw foods cruise is an once in a lifetime opportunityconsist of carefully selected ingredients which adhere to strict criteria and are organically cultivated on a number of renowned Croatian Eco farms. This type of cuisine provides a combination of exciting and nourishing flavors extremely beneficial to health whereas all the meals are prepared by our very own cooks. For all those of Mediterranean cuisine enthusiasts, we have prepared a series of presentations that along with our experts’ unique consultative approach can help you develop your own personal holistic program and are an excellent introduction to learning about basic benefits of Mediterranean cuisine diet. By gaining such an invaluable knowledge, you are given a rare opportunity to regain your health and a sense of fulfillment; therefore the period of your holiday prolongs indefinitely and becomes a part of your lifestyle. This holiday program ensures plenty of leisure activities, a profoundly relaxing environment and gourmet of Mediterranean cuisine treatments which are the sources of revitalization and detox cleansing. The focus of this program is to provide you with tools necessary for attaining a more inspiring and balanced life while at the same time connecting with nature and spending some quality time with yourself and with the people surrounding you. Reload on vitality and allow delicious of Mediterranean cuisine to nurture your body and the tremendous beauty of the Adriatic coast to revive your soul in this fascinating cultural immersion.

Croatia Cruise Spa & Detox Travel Experts

We pride ourselves on providing our clients tailor-made traveling experiences that is why this program has been prepared with utmost dedication and care.

Combining luxurious accommodation with Dalmatia’s transcendental beauty, you can enjoy the flavors and scents surrounding you with a special emphasis on organic and local food that will tantalize your palate and your inner self. Indulge in a number of relaxation techniques tailored specifically for you and experience a life changing holiday that will leave you invigorated and energized. Whether you are looking for an ultimate destination to relax, soak up the sun and gain a real insight into local culture or you would like to address a specific lifestyle, maybe try something new and receive personal and individual attention on your holiday, this cruise offers something for everyone and is a perfect way of rejuvenating your body and uplifting your soul.

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