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Tailor Made Holidays Croatia

As a DMC agency Helle Travels is specialized in providing an unparalleled service to our clients within our tailor made programs in Croatia.

These kinds of programs are suitable for both private persons and companies or conglomerates that choose every single facet of such a program in order to fulfill their individual specifications throughout its every stage.

Our Tailor Made Holiday Packages

Every happening is a unique way for you to send your clients and friends a certain message and make a strong impression, which will help your business connections and friendships become stronger in the long run. Tailor made packages are one of the best ways to achieve this because each program is a unique project, event or a combination of events that send exactly the type of message your company wishes to communicate. During the process of designing tailor made programs we stay true to our clients in order to create relevant ways of distinguishing their brands in the marketplace or simply making the best out of your holiday experience. The most important characteristic of our packages is that every aspect is carefully planned in advance so as to meet your needs and requirements. In other words, each of these programs is highly personalized and created especially for you, therefore it cannot be repeated. Our packages entail our meticulous organization and services such as catering, dinners, entertainment, hotel reservations, transfer, travel management, interpreters, guides and all the other amenities necessary for making such programs a success. However, our focus on detail is crucial because the combination of all these little things (such as the color of the limousines, the particular choice of flowers and decorations, the choice of venue, the type of excursions, catering, etc.) creates a harmonious blend of unique experiences that encompass all your interests and passions. Since our team has extensive experience when it comes to creating tailor made programs, we put our clients' needs as our first priority. We use our comprehensive management skills and creative flair to deliver programs of superior quality that fully comprehend your professional needs.

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Our tailor made packages are highly diversified and may consist of tours, gulet holidays, activities on the beach or in town streets, just fun or fun combined with education. Whether you opt for cultural events in theaters, museums or art galleries, ethnic and folk shows, wine tastings, exotic or color themed parties, sailing cruise or more, we strive to make each moment more meaningful and enjoyable than the previous one.

Holiday Destinations in Croatia

Possessing considerable local knowledge and familiarity of the destination enables us to implement our packages in some of the most majestic venues available in the region. Helle Travel Agency co-operates only with the most luxurious hotels, exclusive restaurants, spa and wellness facilities in order to meet the needs and refined tastes of our clients.

All our special events are organized in a particularly engaging surroundings, such as Dalmatian coast villas or resorts which guarantees that you will make an unforgettable impression. Participate in our programs and experience some of the most luxurious holiday destinations in Croatia such as Dubrovnik or Split. Timeless architectural style gives Dubrovnik an aura of sophistication and luxury perfect for any event whereas Split is a city enveloped in history that offers a wide range of happenings with activities for everyone. Make no excuses; among all the numerous activities you will definitely find something that suits you best. Learn how to cook, enjoy culture and education, star in a movie like story, and slip into the rhythm of diversity. Tailor made programs can be an ideal creative expression of your brand and an unforgettable form of traveling. As John Steinbeck said, the best kinds of journeys are not the ones you take. The best are the ones that take you.