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Themed Events Taking Place in the Most Astounding Croatian Venues

Looking for a new, exotic location for your upcoming event? Tired of the same old concepts for themed parties? If you are seeking a fresh perspective for your next event, Helle Travel Agency is the premier themed events organizer in Croatia.

Due to the ingenuity and productivity of our team, we craft a myriad of ideas and designs suitable for thematic parties and themed events. We handle each aspect of event planning, including on site event management, supplier provision, budget monitoring, venue and props selection.

Having your party or themed event organized in Croatia gives you a unique opportunity to have your event planned in unusual and fabulous settings that subtly echo the country’s opulent historical and cultural legacy. Experience the elevated sense of style in a classic Hollywood themed event where lavish flower arrangements, formal attire and warm tones provide additional sophisticated touch and are reminiscent of the famous golden age of Hollywood.

Another popular theme is casino themed event because the use of fabrics, sights and sounds transports our clients into the world of elegance and style. Imaginative culinary delicacies, vibrant colors, exotic performers and sumptuous textures are some of the mesmerizing elements of our Bollywood themed night whereas vintage décor, vivid colors and props create an authentic burlesque ambiance in our circus themed event. A lighthearted cocktail of mystery, fun and understated glamour is provided by our distinguished James Bond themed party. All our themed events incorporate décor packages inspired by various autochthonous locales and venues that make the entire experience ultimately more sophisticated and real. Diversity of themed parties is practically limitless and we pride ourselves on the fact that pushing our imagination further results in the most sumptuous, innovative and dazzling events suited to our clients’ individual tastes and preferences.

Our profound experience and long-standing relationships with different artists, suppliers, performers and other members of the community enable us to always mesmerize our clients with new and intriguing themes, to transform all our visions and concepts into seamless events and to raise levels of excellence over and over again.