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Ultimate spa Cruise recreation in Croatia

Prompted by our vast experience in tourism in Helle Travel agency we have decided to fuse several different aspects of traveling into one and provide an exclusive and comprehensive program for your cruise holiday in Croatia.

First of all, it is a wonderful opportunity to sail, taste, experience and discover coast of Dalmatia, a part of Mediterranean brimming with surreal landscapes and historical grandeur resonant in its magnificent architecture and unique cultural identity.

It is an ideal place to find a fragment of tranquility you have been longing for, to soak up the sun and afford yourself the commodity of being carefree. The cruise along the dalmatian coast takes place on luxurious ships that contain all the amenities necessary for a pleasurable and relaxing stay. With capacity of approximately 25 persons, these ships provides enough privacy and comfort to enjoy your vacation on your own terms and yet to experience a positive and renewing energy of the people surrounding you.

SPA therapy & wellness

Spoil yourself in SPA program situated on the upper deck. Massages, ancient health rituals, rejuvenating body care and beauty treatments are served only observing the latest of natural holistic therapy, combined with the finest naturally biological products.

Take Yoga, Pilates and Meditation classes to gratify your soul and enhance your serenity during your holiday.

Don't just see the Croatia coast – Experience it in your way

Please do not be just a tourist, be a cliff jumping, waterfall climbing, monkey chasing adventure seeker. And…these are not tours. These are zip line conquering, cave discovering, underwater fluttering travel adventures.George Mateljan is the leading expert in healthy eating and healthiest ways to prepare foods. He is also the author of several books like World Healthiest Foods and the healthiest way of Cooking

Explore island after island, culture after culture. Our adventures are created with thousands of diverse worldwide options for families, food idealists, action lovers and culture seekers.

On our cruse along the Adriatic coast you are able taste the authentic and natural Mediterranean cuisine that is also extremely healthy and nutritious because its preparation is based on the scientific research and studies. All the ingredients come from some of the most prestigious Croatian Eco-farms and this guarantee a high quality and exceptional taste. Our program is also complimented by a wide array of leisure activities such as sports activities, workshops, cooking lessons and many more that will inconspicuously remind you how effortless it can be to relax and to inject yourself with life's unrestrained excitement and simplicity`s.

All our packages are unique in its content and our team always tends to provide a dash of luxury to our clients. This cruise is therefore, not an exception and entails experiencing destinations in inspirational and unprecedented ways through healthy assortments of flavors and diversified entertainment program. It is an extraordinary adventure that will give you the possibility to invest in yourself, to foster appreciation for all that nature has to offer and maybe inspire you to instill this new-found vitality into all your future trips and enhance the quality of your life in general. Tantalize your senses and delve deeper in the intense aromas of Mediterranean by savoring all the ingredients necessary for an enriching and complete holiday experience.

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Your Customized Shore Excursions

Discover the Croatia your way. We design unique, memory-generating destination experiences. Contact us to customize your upcoming adventure